Happily Naked

Do you feel beautiful when you’re naked? Are you happy with your body?

To me, beauty is someone who is confident in their own skin, someone who is happy in their own unique form of beauty, someone who takes care of themselves and respects their body and accepts it just as it is.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ to being beautiful.

EVERYONE deserves to feel beautiful, EVERYONE deserves to see themselves in a positive light.

As the weather continues to warm, with Summer around the corner, the amount of clothes we are wearing become less, and being ‘happy and naked at the same time’ can present an issue for many people.

So what can you do to combat anxiety around this issue?
The answer is LOTS!! But here are my favourite 6;

 A shift in attitude
First and foremost it’s time to get serious about what thoughts are running through your mind each day. Are you kind to yourself, do you speak nicely about your body (and others bodies for that matter?) Pay attention for a day and notice what thoughts, feelings and sentences go through your mind.

Do you tell yourself you are beautiful? Do you appreciate your body for what it does each day?


Do you critisise yourself? Compare yourself? judge yourself? Do you judge others? Do you only allow yourself to see one body type as beautiful? Chances are if you are a harsh critic on yourself, you are very likely also judging others in the same harsh light.
It’s no wonder so many of us suffer from body anxiety with the way we talk to ourselves!
Step 1 is to pay attention to what you say and change these beliefs to a positive one. Otherwise you will never see yourself in a positive light, regardless of any changes you physically make to your body.

 Practise being naked
That’s right, get naked at home! Spending some time each day in your house or room naked can increase your confidence, it’s like anything practise makes perfect and we are creatures of habit, our brain loves familiarity!! So you are helping train your brain into being comfortable with your naked body.

After a shower, throw on a robe or sarong and head to your room or wherever you are comfortable and hang out for a bit in the nude- moisturise, brush your teeth, listen to a song- whatever! Just don’t get dressed for at least 15mins…..
Bonus points if you can look in the mirror and highlight something you love about your body! (Baby steps Beth, baby steps! More on this later)

If that’s a bit much to start with try sleeping naked. There are HEAPS of reasons to sleep in the nude; it helps your body regulate its temperature, it assists with melatonin release (hormones required to help you sleep) to name a couple, besides any obvious benefits it could result in if you share a bed with someone! (Hello increased libido!)

 Move your body
A healthy body is a happy body, regardless of size or shape. Your body wants to move, regular movement benefits your body in so many ways and it doesn’t take long to start to noticing results, especially if you are checking yourself out naked regularly!! (Thank you step 2!) Commit to a regular exercise routine and focus on moving your body because you love it, not hate it.

 Drink that H2O
Dehydration can result in dry, bumpy, lumpy skin. Keeping yourself hydrated assists with skin tone and appearance. If cellulite is a problem, reducing your caffeine intake and increasing your water intake, as well as body brushing, massage and regular movement have all be thought to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

 Love the Skin you’re in
Your skin is your biggest organ in the body and it’s important to take care of it! Moisturise with gentle, natural products (there is no point eating organic, healthy food only to then smoother yourself in a chemical storm of body lotion).

If you don’t really believe how important this is, step on a garlic clove first thing in the morning and notice how after a little while you can taste it (I’m serious!!) your skin absorbs what it touches so taking care on the products you use is really important.

 See a Kinesiologist or practitioner of your choice
Working with someone to find and remove any limiting self-beliefs that you may have about yourself is one of the most powerful processes you can do, and this can dramatically change the way you view yourself and behave as a result.

So, can you be happily naked this Summer?