Natural Immune Boosters


As we head into the Winter months it seems that immune boosting is on everyone’s mind, especially if you have a few kids because when one gets it, the whole house can tend to get it. This can result in weeks of sickness!

So what can you do to naturally help your family? I’m going to share with you my 5 favourite & inexpensive (many free!) tips to help give your family the boost it needs to survive Winter.

However, before we begin, It’s important for you to understand one SIGNIFICANT factor about the body’s physical make up.

When it comes to the body…. The Nervous System is ‘Head Honcho’… the immune system is secondary to it. Meaning, your body is Hard-wired to ensure it is safe from danger (even perceived danger i.e. anxieties such as going to school, bed or whatever stresses you or the child), before it cares about whether you get a cold or flu.

So with this in mind my number 1 tip to boost your immune system is to

  1. Calm down Easier said than done right? And especially if you’re talking about your child. Introducing some kind of Meditation or Breathwork as a daily FAMILY practise can do wonders for all of you. The keys are, it needs to be regular, enticing & every needs to do it. Check out Insight Timer – my favourite FREE app that has hundreds of guided meditations for all different things, times and styles. there are some fun ones on there- doesn’t have to be sitting in stillness.
  2. Sunlight stimulates Serotonin (mood boosting hormone) which helps us feel calm & focused. And as we learnt above calm = increased Immune ability. It can also help with the bodies circadian rhythm which can result in better sleep too. So with this in mind my number 2 tip to boost your immune system is to Get some sun on your skin each day.  Every living thing needs sunshine to grow. And grow can also mean produce new cells. Morning Sun is ideal because the UV impact is low, so its safe. So instead of jumping in front of the TV, perhaps every heads outside for a few minutes.
  3. Eat your oranges well not just oranges, but follow nature for what’s seasonal right now. We can’t outsmart nature, it produces what we need, when we need it. So eat the fruit and Veg that is in season now. Bonus- these foods are usually cheaper as they are easy to grow right now. Oranges are abundant in Winter because they provide lots of Vit C which is … you guessed it… an immune booster! (Carrots, Brussel sprouts, potatoes, onion, sweet potato, kale, mandarins, dates and many more) 
  4. Water, water, water… we naturally are not as thirsty in Winter because it’s cold. However water is still essential as it flushes toxins from the body (for one of many benefits). So filling up the kids water bottles and checking them as the day goes on is a great way to monitor how much they are having. Finding it hard, what about a warm cup of water with some lemon in it at meal times. Or fill a jug with pieces of orange or make ice cubes with fruit frozen in- bonus that it looks more enticing! Try to be creative.
  5. Spice it up…. Spices are an amazing way to boost your immune AND add flavour to meals. So think- Garlic (discussed last in last week’s Instagram post), Tumeric (it’s about $2 in Coles, adds a yellow colour to food, doesn’t have a strong taste but is an AMAZIG anti-oxidant which helps reduce inflammation in the body), Ginger, Cinnamon, clove, liquorice and lots more)

So these are my favourite 5 Simple & inexpensive Immune Boosting tips for Winter.

Here are 2 bonus tips that will cost you more;

6. See a Naturopath & get some strong liquid herbs, & possibly where suitable – fish oil, a multi vitamin, a probiotic, and maybe some Vit C.

7. Essential Oils- Burning some oils around the house such as Tea Tree, Clove, Eucalyptus can aid in keeping the air fresh & as they have anti-bacterial properties can help kill bugs. You could also use oils such as Lavender or Ylang Yang for evening time  (or meditation time) to help calm the body & house in preparation for bed.

If you have some of your favourite tips that I haven’t mentioned, please share below for others to see.

Taking the Shit with the Bliss

Today as we were walking along the beach, baby calmly asleep in the carrier and both dogs running playfully infront of us on lead, I looked at my husband & thought to myself “Wow, we are killing it today”. For any parents out there you would know that the feeling of “nailing it” can be fleeting, but when it turns up it’s pure bliss.

As they do, one of the dogs did a poop, we didn’t have bags with us, so I dug a very deep hole and buried the poop. A lady walking towards us came near and as I looked up and greeted her with a smile, anticipating the oncoming “Good morning” she proceeded to say “Just a suggestion, when you walk on the beach you could bring bags for the poo, I’m sure you don’t want your baby playing in poo one day.”

Funnily enough the week before, walking along the same beach someone had approached me as I scooped poo into the bag and informed me “That’s such a waste of plastic, why don’t you bury it? You want your child to enjoy this beautiful planet don’t you?”

Instantly, my blissful feeling of “nailing it” vanished and an argument began in my head. I wanted to tell that lady how happy I had been feeling just before being criticised. I wanted to tell her that to be honest, grabbing a plastic bag in amongst putting a screaming baby into the car seat and trying to also put 2 excited dogs in the back with a broken car boot was the furthest thing from my mind. I wanted to tell her that she is now part of the collective hundred people who have began telling me what I must want for my child & throwing unrequested opinions & judgements about decisions we are making.

What I would have LOVED to hear from this stranger was any of the following

  • “Wow you Guys are doing so well” or
  • “Look what a beautiful morning you are having” or 
  • “Good work guys, getting out in nature at 8am with a baby and 2 dogs”or
  • I would have even been super thrilled with a smile and a “Good Morning” as she walked on by minding her business and not feeling the need to rush in and “educate us”.

It got me thinking how in 1 short week I had been “educated” by 2 complete strangers about the same topic with completing opposing ideas on how I “should” do it…. Please note in neither case did I just walk off and leave poop sitting there for someone to tread on. 

Perspective is such a funny thing, we all make decisions and judgements based on our perspective.

How we behave, think, feel and act is ALL based on the experiences we have had

and no other person has had that same collection of experiences and therefore their perspective is going to differ.

I wonder, if we could just all keep this in mind when we interact? When we disagree with what someone else is doing and when we approach others. We are all just trying to do the best we can and for the most part people are just living and making decisions that from their perspective they believe is right.

Even better,

if we all kept being KIND at the forefront of our mind and as our core intention, I feel like we will live more harmoniously, with ourselves & with others.

So, taking on board my own advice, what I wanted to say to this lady was “Take the poo & shove it up your… “ but I didn’t I thought to myself… I don’t love that she interrupted my blissful state with her judgement and desire to teach me something, but I also have no idea where she is coming from, her story or why she felt the need to do that. Anything I tell myself in my head is pure assumption. She also couldn’t know what’s been going on for me. And staying frustrated is me stealing my own bliss & why would I want to do that? (the addictive nature of adrenaline producing emotions is a WHOLE other topic) 

So I’m letting it go. And I’m returning to my blissful state because that’s the Kinder thing to do….. for my family, for her and most importantly for me.

Exercise & Fertility

Exercise & Fertility 

from a Mind Body Medicine Angle 

Please note this information is provided as a general guide only & for specific personalised information please consult your physician. This information is not to be used in place of medical information, please consult your Doctor for personal advice on exercise and fertility. 

When trying to conceive you can be best served by ‘tuning in’ to your body on a daily basis, rather than following a set weekly exercise schedule. To assist you to ‘Tune in’ here are some simple questions to ask yourself prior to exercising. 

In order for your body to be in an ideal state to conceive you require a healthy Nervous System. Meaning your body & mind need to be operating from your parasympathetic nervous system (the I am safe system) predominantly, unless you are in fact in danger ( i.e. a car is about to hit you and then you react appropriately) . Put simply your Body needs to feel like you are ‘Safe’. 

Exercise undeniably has numerous health benefits, however the type of exercise you do can increase the ‘stress’ your body is under and therefore have an impact on your body’s desire to conceive. Studies have shown that the highest conception rates occurred in the groups with the lowest exercise incidence. However I really believe exercise is super important for your physical AND your mental health so how can we get the best of both worlds? 

It all comes down to how much ‘stress’ you put in the bucket each day. You see if you have an empty bucket at the start of the day, you can only add so much to it before it will overfill. Think of your body like this bucket which can only hold so much stress before something goes wrong. 

Things that add to this stress bucket can include;

Lack of quality sleep, dehydration, poor diet, emotional stress & worry, caffeine, exercise, alcohol. So before we exercise it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions that can help you determine the type & intensity of exercise you do that day. 

Am I Tired?  

YES = Then ? Have I had a busy / tiring or stressful day?  

 YES = REST / Yoga  

NO = Gentle exercise only Walking, Yoga, Pilates

Am I Stressed?  

YES = REST / Yoga / Breathwork / Meditation / Nature walk  

NO = Exercise 

Am I Ovulating?  

YES = REST / Yoga  

NO = Exercise 

The idea with asking yourself these questions prior to exercising is to encourage you to tune in to your body and listen to what it needs on that day. 

General Tips 

  1. Exercise according to how you feel THAT day. Not according to a predesigned ‘plan’ or program. 
  2. Walking is the optimal cardio exercise.  
  3. Add Yoga to your weekly program, as yoga calms the nervous system 
  4. Weights are ok, but using the anaerobic energy system- meaning heavy weight, low reps. Choose a weight where you can only complete 6-8 reps. Rest for several minutes then repeat. 
  5. Add some breathwork to your excursive session- before or after or when you stretch. Deep breathing activates the Parasympathetic nervous system which is the system you need to be in to conceive. 

What’s the difference between walking and running? 

Put very simply you were designed to run so you could do so…. from danger. Your nervous system does not know you are running on a treadmill in a safe and comfortable gym. Run = increased breathing rate, increased Heart Rate, increased blood supply to muscles. Physiologically ALL the same responses that occur when you are, yep that’s right, “flighting” or running from that lion. 

Walking is an IDEAL exercise for the body, it loves it. You are moving, yet your body is calm. Particularly if you can walk in nature. 

But I run as my stress relief, Running helps me relieve my stress?

Yes it does! I agree, because your ‘stress’ (whatever it is) is your ‘danger’ to your nervous system. So running is allowing you to….. Run from your danger… meaning your are activating your ‘Fight or flight’ nervous system response in order to run from your problem/ stress and so you ‘feel’ better. 

However unfortunately all it has done is heighten the sympathetic nervous system more. 

Sitting calming in a yoga class, may well make you feel “more stressed” and that’s because you are actually ‘sitting with’ your stress rather than running from it. However physiologically it’s preferable for your body as your breathing rate slows, your heart rate slows and the blood supply is allowed to move into your organs (making things like digestion- assimilation of food, absorption of nutrients and…. Conception easier and more appealing to the body). 

Your body will remember this calming state and after a few classes or weeks you will find that you feel calmer for it, not worse. But initially it will be an adjustment. 

My friend fell pregnant and she exercises really intensely 5x a week. 

Everybody and every body is very different but at the end of the day it will always come down to your nervous system & how much stress is in that bucket. 

Her intense exercise may be the only major stress she adds to her bucket OR she may do many of the things that remove stress from the bucket every week too. 

The aim of this info sheet is to help train you to listen to your OWN body for what she needs rather than following a one person fits all guide. 

Remove stress? How do you remove stress from the bucket? 

Good question! 

The idea here is to spend more of your day living in the parasympathetic Nervous System as opposed to the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight).

Things that encourage PNS activity are- Breathwork and deep breathing, deep sleep, meditation, mindfulness, massage, walking in nature. 

Other things that reduce the stress in the bucket are drinking plenty of good quality water, eating nutrient dense foods, having a good relationship with how you feel about yourself (You would not believe the stress that negative self talk has on your body!) 

Why can’t I exercise whilst ovulating? 

From a Mind Body Medicine perspective, your body is viewed in terms of Yin & Yang. This crosses over to Western medicine in the form of Homeostasis (Balance). Your body is programmed to seek balance and Yin & Yang is how we assess the level of balance. 

Ovulation is an extremely YIN process and therefore requires Yin energy to do so effectively. Yin concepts/ processes are; Rest, Stillness, yielding, passiveness. In order to allow your body to do a very Yin process, ideally you give your body Yin enegry…. I.e REST! 

I’m also going to assume, that because you live in todays society of rush, strive, achieve and move you are probably more Yang anyway, meaning your Yin energy is likely already somewhat depleted. So resting whilst ovulating is only going to help your body do the ovulating process it is trying to do. 

And after all is said and done, have FUN trying! It is a special time of life. Your body is a miracle in it’s own right and if you listen in closely, she will tell you what you need. 

In order to conceive your body requires a state of balance. Having someone complete a Mind Body Medicine assessment for you can assist in identifying imbalances that may be present. 

The Fear & Anxiety of the Unknown

Do you get anxious? Do you get stressed when you are faced with an unknown scenario? Do you get overwhelmed easily? Do you feel frustrated if you don’t know ‘the plan’?

Often when we think of the ‘unknown’ feelings of being ‘out of control’, anxious, worried, stressed or even panic tend to arise. As humans, we have a tendency towards desiring control, knowing outcomes, planning and organising. In many ways these are wonderful skills, however they only take us so far.

In clinic I work a lot with Anxiety and ‘the unknown’. The ‘what ifs’ are a HUGE part of what anxiety actually is. I spend a lot of my time in clinic helping clients recognise how fixated we are on gaining & maintaining control to avoid feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Feeling a sense of control often creates a sense of safety. When we are out balance we can be driven to gaining control to feel safe.

It makes sense, but are we actually setting ourselves up for failure?

How ‘in control’ of everything can you actually be? You see anxiety is the focus on all the potential ‘what ifs’. Anxiety is us allowing our head to try to factor in every possible scenario and outcome attached, so that we can gain some control by ensuring we have considered every outcome.

Exhausting, tiring, stressful and not really possible. Because when we are trying to ensure we have considered every outcome, often the scenarios involve other people or things entirely outside of our control and it is actually not possible to know what someone else is going to do.

The alternative?

Plan and be prepared for the things you can control and leave the rest up to… well whatever you believe in really- the universe, god, fate, chance, opportunity. This combo here is the body in balance & harmony. The head doing it’s part, planning, strategising & analysing, and then the body doing it’s, by trusting and sitting in our instincts so that we are able to react in accordance with what is actually happening in the scenario.

Now in honour of being authentic & real, I wanted to share that for me, despite this being my specialist area in clinic, I’ve found anxiety rearing it’s ugly head the past few weeks for me.

I always find it interesting when it comes up, because it usually manifests in some obsure way for me. It’s usually a bit discreet. I caught it clearly yesterday as I was leaving the house and for some reason my front door wouldn’t lock. Now I have no attachment to anything I own….. except my dogs (my current babies), the idea of leaving them home behind an unlocked door left me literally shaking with anxiety…..

What if someone comes and opens the door & lets them out. What if they they then get onto the road and run over, or what if they run into the national park and I can’t find them or don’t know where to look, what if someone steals them, what if they figure out how to open the door? (yep, you know what I mean, it can get ridiculous up there in the head)

Now when I stopped myself and being the excellent practitioner that I am & armed with my understanding of anxiety, I started to question myself….

Where in my life do I currently feel out of control? What is unknown for me?

And I realised, despite all the unknowns surrounding me right now, the one that feels the worst is the ‘unknown’ of my maternity leave. I’m constantly being asked when am I finishing up, when am I returning? When will my last date of appointments be? How much time can I actually afford to have off?

And the answer to all of this is I HAVE NO IDEA. We are a self employed family, my reality is little different from those around me who have set maternity plans and dates and this unknown is the one triggering me. Not because I am really that concerned, but because I feel I owe it to others to be certain, sure, organised. I’m actually fairly comfortable with the unplanned, the unknown but it was making me feel like a ‘bad business woman’ by not being sure.

And as a result an anxiety attack manifested itself when two of the things that I love the most in the world (my dogs) and feel completely responsible for their safety were ‘threatened’ (by the terrifying unlocked front door).

So i’m sharing this in the hope to highlight a few things;

  1. Where the anxiety manifests is not always exactly where it’s coming from
  2. It arises when we are trying to control or ‘think through’ unknown factors as opposed to sitting more in a space of dealing with what actually is
  3. When you know what’s going on, you have more ‘control’ then to manage it. This is where control is helpful!
  4. Our body should tell us what is- I am safe, I am unsafe etc- it’s not our heads job to figure this out. The head is useful for other things. Instincts are what actually keep us safe.

And as for me, if you want to know when I’m working up until? Or when I’m returning to work post baby or when my last appointment date is- I have no idea? And as soon as I allowed myself to sit within that, instead of feeling like I needed to know these answers I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

I also had my husband fix the front door.


Let’s talk Preventative Health Care


With the amazing advances we have seen in Western Medicine over the past several decades, you would assume that we, as a Nation are getting healthier, thriving, living vibrant, long, energetic lives.

But is this actually the case?

Well, when you consider that the top causes of death in Australia are considered ‘lifestyle diseases’, you wouldn’t be crazy for wondering what’s going wrong?

The advances in Medicine, have resulted in better technology, improved procedures, access to more medicine, & a greater understanding of how to save us when tragedy strikes

Thank you to the Ambos, Surgeons, Drs & Nurses who do this amazing work

Your chances of surviving motor accidents, falls, genetic disorders, complicated labours & tragic events are far greater than they were decades ago, thanks to these everyday heroes.

But evidently, these are not the things killing the majority of us.

Heart Disease,  Stroke & Lung cancer are.

And the conditions commonly contributing to our day to day suffering include Diabetes, stress disorders, anxiety, back pain, & chronic headaches to name a few.

So why is it that we KNOW that healthy eating, regular movement and stress management are the KEYS to avoiding these “lifestyle conditions” but yet we are still dying from the affects of not doing this?

Have we just become so lazy that we assume our Drs can clean up our mess & perform life saving heart surgery when we get to that point? Or offer us chemotherapy when our lungs are full of cancer after we have continued to smoke our 1 pack a day?

It might sound harsh, but I’m calling bull-shit on this mentality.

  • What if we started caring for ourselves, listening to our bodies and prioritising our health before we hit that point?
  • What if we took ownership of our health and paid attention to our bodies?
  • What if we listened to our symptoms & questioned them long before it’s a real problem?
  • What if we then left these heroes open to work with the tragedies, the rare, the unavoidable?

The look in someone’s eyes when they have been delivered life-changing health news & the fear and dread that comes with “what’s next” is somewhere you don’t want to be and for many of us, we can avoid that!

So what is YOUR body telling you?

Are you always tired? In pain? Trouble sleeping? Anxious? Stressed? Suffer from headaches? Are you overweight?

Do you have terrible, painful, irregular periods every month? Please don’t wait until you want to fall pregnant to question what’s happening? Investigate it now! You get a cycle a month, for often MANY years before you decide it’s time to conceive, if it’s crap, look at it now!

The opportunity to seek IVF when you can’t fall pregnant is amazing for so many parents-to-be & we are so fortunate to be where we are medically with this, but don’t assume it’s a back up, look at your cycle NOW.

Preventative health care is where it’s at & there are many wonderful modalities you can seek out to support you. Our Western Medicine is wonderful to help save us, your job is to avoid needing saving.

If your health care practitioner tells you a symptom affecting you is ‘normal’ or ‘nothing’ it is YOUR JOB to find someone to help you with it. Many of the Eastern Medicine disciplines have more answers for symptoms and preventative care than our Western Medicine does.

And that is why I will always be a follower of BOTH equally and for different times and different reasons.

If I lose a limb, please call me a ambo and give me morphine! But if my period is totally irregular, I’ll be heading to my acupuncturist, Naturopath or Kinesiologist because they have a different method to work with this.

Look at your diet, find ways to reduce & manage stress, move your body, get some rest, find someone who can help you understand your symptoms and make changes NOW.

So many of us don’t realise how good our bodies are meant to feel

The power is with YOU. Please use it.




Kinesiology- What do you actually do? My most commonly asked question.

In my work I use my numerous complementary qualifications to provide a holistic approach to wellness & help you understand your body. 

I am a qualified;

  • Kinesiologist
  • Mind body Medicine Practitioner
  • Integrative Complementary Practitioner
  • Remedial Therapist
  • Massage Therapist &
  • Personal Trainer

But what even are half of these qualifications & how do you use them?

I’m glad you asked….

Kinesiology- Kin-easy-ology
Kinesiology is the use of ‘muscle monitoring’ to monitor information about a person’s wellbeing & help identify stress patterns in the body.

The wikipedia definition is that “Kinesiology is the scientific study of body movement. It addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological mechanisms of movement”

As a Kinesiologist we monitor muscles to access feedback from the brain, the body’s computer. The muscles are linked to the brain via the nervous system.

It is a gentle & effective technique which I will demonstrate in a video (coming soon) for you to see.

Mind Body Medicine (MBM)

MBM focuses on how the mind interacts with the body, as a MBM practitioner I combine the use of Kinesiology and tools such as counselling, visualisations, inner child work & body therapy work such as movement, touch, primitive reflexes & breathwork, to affect the mind & the body.

The MBM approach recognises that optimal health stems from living a life that is true to what we most value, through inward connection & outward expression of that.

Integrative Complementary Medicine Practitioner (ICM)

Through the study of Biochemistry, Western Medicine Diagnosis, Advanced Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine Organ theory I have learnt to assess the body & individual & look for patterns of imbalance that are occurring.

Whilst it can appear that one person has numerous health concerns that seem unrelated, the use of ICM assessment tools often demonstrate a clear link between these symptoms & allow for key patterns of imbalance or stress to be addressed.

Assessment methods could include
Structural/ Orthopeadic
Reflex assessment
Body Psychology
Traditional Chinese Medicine Tongue & pulse diagnosis
Traditional Chinese Medicine Organ Theory

Remedial Therapies/ Remedial Massage Therapy

This encompasses the use of tools such as Reflexology, Iridology, Flower essence remedies, Remedial Massage Therapy & Aromatherapy to further enhance the impact in the sessions.

Personal Trainer

As Personal trainer my aim is to help people move their bodies in a way relevant to their needs, and body. I consider all body systems when recommending the style of exercise & dietary suggestions an individual should adopt.

Ok but how does this all work?

In clinic, I combine the use of all these qualifications to cater to each individual client that I see.

I will use the ICM assessment tools to help me identify key patterns of imbalance in both the body & the mind & from here I create a treatment plan to address physical & emotional concerns.

I use counselling techniques to help identify the key motivator driving the individual’s behaviour, which connects with many patterns that they have adopted. This often provides significant insight for the client with plenty of ‘ah ha’ moments.

I then use muscle monitoring to establish the way in which we need to aid the body to return to it’s optimal state of balance & use the mind body medicine & remedial therapies techniques to help stimulate the body’s own innate healing responses.

Through this style of therapy my clients, ranging from 9weeks old- through to late 80’s are achieving wonderful results in many varying conditions.

My clients have had results with things such as

  • anxiety,
  • pain,
  • sleep issues,
  • performance issues,
  • balance & memory,
  • breast feeding trouble,
  • fertility concerns,
  • behavioural issues,
  • learning difficulties,
  • weight loss,
  • grief & emotional stress,
  • even desires to make life changes& go for (and get!) dream jobs.

However, this style of treatment is not limited to these conditions.

Please note I do not diagnose & where necessary I work closely with other practitioners, Drs, nutritionists & naturopaths.

My number one passion, is to help people understand their body, connect with it & love it. Things go wrong for a number reason & often we get many warning signs before it happens.

The leading causes of death in Australia are currently all preventable conditions & there is no truer statement than that of

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” -Jim Rohn

Let me help you do that.

Winter Wellness; What to do when the Winter Bug gets you

There has been no shortage of winter sickness around this year, I hate to admit it, but it got me too this year!

So what do you do when you fall ‘under the weather’?

These are my top 5 Suggestions & they may sound simple, but so many people don’t do these things!

1. R.E.S.T
There is no getting around it. If you have fallen ill, your body is asking (begging!) you to stop & let it rest. If the only way you can keep going is to dose yourself up on anything medicinal, this ‘fake’ sense of feeling ok is just pushing you even harder when your body needs to heal.

Often you’ll find, if you give yourself a few good days of genuine rest (I don’t mean lying on the couch with your laptop firing in front of you) I’m talking full blown R&R (body & mind) you will bounce back quicker & stronger.
If you simply can not avoid doing whatever it is you need to do, you need to make some time for rest in the day (see point 4)

2. Skip the Deodorant
Might sound like a weird one, but this is a biggie!! When you are sick your lymphatic system is working hard with your immune system to fight & clear all those nasty bugs and/or toxins. That’s why you tend to get sweaty when you aren’t well.

That sweat is all the nasties trying to vacate your body! And the armpits are one of our major dumping sites, think of them like the bodies ‘tip’. If you are using anti-perspirant to minimise the sweat & odour, you are blocking the bodies ability to rid these toxins.
Yes you may stink, all the more reason to stay home and R.E.S.T (see point 1 again)

3. Drink your liquids
To follow on from point 2, drinking warm water, hot water or soothing herbal teas keeps you hydrated & helps the body flush these toxins out. Warm liquids are great when you are sick, or room temperature is fine but ice cold is not as soothing. Adding ginger to the water can also be really warming & nourishing.
Limiting coffee, caffeine & alcohol intake can aid your body to better rest by allowing the nervous system a break whilst you aren’t well.

4. Meditate
It’s just as important for your mind to rest when you are sick as it is for you body. The more you can get into a calm state, the better your body can heal & recover. If you are stressed, rushing or in fight & flight the immune systems abilities are hindered.
So taking some time to do some breathing, a relaxation or guided meditation or any form of stillness can supercharge your bodies ability to heal. Even a slow, gentle walk in nature (if you are rugged up & warm) can be helpful. Especially if you get into the sun. In fact that should be point 6. Get some sunshine on your skin!

5. Eat nourishing, warming, easy to digest foods.
Think Soups, broths, steamed veggies, stews. You want maximum nutrients in easy to digest forms. We want the body to be focused on healing us & eliminating toxins not on digesting heavy foods that give us little nutritional quality. Soups & broths are easy to digest yet often (if made well) have lots of nutrients readily available for the body & we tend to want soup when we aren’t well don’t we (the body always knows best!).

Additional bonus Tip- my top 4 favourite natural remedies for Winter Sickness;
1. Garlic– I eat it raw (another reason to stay home & rest) as soon as I start to feel unwell. Packed with natural ‘antibiotic’ type proprieties.
2. Ginger- Ginger is really soothing for the lungs & respiratory system. Add it to stews or pop it in your water & drink it
3. Turmeric– has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties & is quickly becoming the latest ‘superfood’. Just look at it’s rich, opulent colour. Add it to meals or mix it with hot water & some honey as a soothing drink
4. A hot bath with some soothing essential oils. Soothing, calming, relaxing & encourages sweating out the nasties (obviously be cautious if you have a high temperature)

So if you or a loved one falls sick, try these 5 tips to help support them to a quicker recovery.

You can of course use some beautiful essential oils around the home too, things such as Eucalyptus or Tea tree for their antibacterial & antiviral properties, as well as some Lavender or Clary sage to help soother & calm the nervous system & helps slow down.





Who am I?
Holistic Health ambassador, Connection seeker, Simple pleasure finder, Travel lover & Friend to the animals.

A Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Kinesiologist, Remedial Therapist & Personal Trainer.

A wife, a fur baby mumma, a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a sister, an aunty and a friend.

Living my life as a Soulful, Sensual, Energy-vibing, Passionate, Open Hearted Soul.

So many labels, put simply, I am Beth.