“Freely expressing or displaying one’s warm and kindly feelings”

I am attracted to warmth and kindness, I am drawn to someone by their energy, that special something about someone that you can’t quite put into words, it’s just a feeling you get from them and I have always been compelled to voice it when I feel it.

My whole life I have always been someone who has no qualms in openly expressing whatever positive feeling, compliment, or kind thought I feel from someone regardless of whether I know them or not (negatives on the other hand have always been my challenge… more on that later).

I am that person who will tell the girl behind the counter that she has beautiful eyes, or a nice smile and even though at times I have been met with an embarrassed or shocked response it has never put me off doing it again. I have always walked away knowing that those words (regardless of how they were received at the time) had an impact, and I know that because when these moments occur I am not thinking, I’m not in my head, I am in my body and speaking completely from my heart.

I have always considered myself to be open- hearted.

One of my truly wise teachers recently said to us “if you are completely present and open hearted with your client you are giving them everything they need in that moment” it was that moment that I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was following the right path…..

With many of my clients, we are working to help them speak whatever it is that is in their heart (often starting with finding out what that even is!) and I hope that through this page I can help you to discover and speak what is in yours.

Living from your heart space creates a life of love, passion, sensuality and expression and when we live life in this way it’s very hard not to be happy.

My passion in life is to help people live a passionate, sensual and expressive life, true to their own unique authentic calling.

So join me on this journey, as together we explore life as passionate, sensual, open hearted souls.










4 thoughts on “Open-Hearted”

  1. Dear Beth – I have just found your beautiful website and have read all your inspiring articles. Just want to tell you what a proud aunt I am today (and always) and that I love you very much. I wish you all the success in the world with your new venture and have no doubt that, whatever you do throughout your life, you will do it with passion and integrity. Much love – Aunty Marce.

    1. Thank you Aunty Marce, I am so happy you have found the page and enjoyed reading the articles. I really appreciate your kind words and love you very much.

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